Parenting One Day at a Time

Using the Tools of Recovery to Become Better Parents and Raise Better Kids

Patience, acceptance, honesty, letting go, gratitude, faith, humility, taking responsibility—the very foundations of Twelve Step recovery are also the keys to a strong, healthy family. With a fresh, down-to-earth approach, this practical guide covers many facets of family relationships: handling conflict, respecting the needs and feelings of others, behaving morally and responsibly, building trust and intimacy, taking care of oneself, setting limits, solving problems, and more. Supportive and nonjudgmental, Parenting One Day at a Time offers straightforward, compassionate, keep-it-simple advice to help parents prepare their children for tomorrow by focusing on the quality of today.   

Praise for Parenting One Day at a Time

This book takes the steps and principles and promises already familiar to those in a 12-step environment and, with real life applications, shows how to use that knowledge in child rearing. Breaks it down into simple and easy to use ideas.