Friendship & Dating Manners for Teens

Surviving the Social Scene

Is there a proper way to make new friends? Is teasing always rude? What can you do about friendship problems? How can you show a girl (or guy) that you like her (or him)? What’s the best way to ask someone out—and who pays for the date? This book answers these questions and many more. Along the way, teens learn the basics of polite behavior with friends and more-than-friends—and laugh out loud while learning

Part of How Rude! Handbooks for Teens Series

How Rude!: The Teen Guide to Good Manners, Proper Behavior, and Not Grossing People Out is a proven best seller. This miniseries for tweens and younger teens continues Alex Packer’s tradition of serious and hilarious etiquette advice. All three volumes are based on his original How Rude!, with notable differences: the books are smaller and shorter, the language is simpler, and each book focuses on a specific area of a teen’s life. Friendly, funny, and accessible, this trio is “Etiquette Ed” for every teen.

5 Star Reviews for the Handbooks for Teens Series

Excellent pre-teen - teen books. Love it. I wish I started them when my son was younger. Worthy of keeping in my library. … Life lessons with humor.
How useful! This book is a wonderful introduction and/or review of manners for teens, written in a style they understand and enjoy. Highly recommended.
Doesn’t preach the message I purchased this book for my 13-year-old son. I got busy, put the book on a table and forgot about it. I found the book last week in my son’s room! I have since read through the book and really like it. It doesn’t preach to the kids—which makes them more likely to listen.
Wow! This book addresses manners with a sense of humor and wonderful illustrations that teens can relate to.


Books for the Teen Age
— New York Public Library
A fun read for teens trying to navigate their way through high school, home life and the dating scene.
— Youth Today
Chock-full of helpful advice to reduce rudeness
— Children’s Digest
Teens—and parents who want their teens to learn good manners—will enjoy these books. … Strongly recommended
— Voice of Youth Advocates
Pretty doggone funny.
— Youthworker
Hilarious yet helpful….
— Justine Magazine